A larger 30k loop & a smaller 20k loop...

You may even be lucky enough to run into Bigfoot, a regular visitor of this trail.


Start to the Clear Creek Rd. split toward Stanley Peak.

The start of the race is on the Kilchis River Forest Rd. across the river from the Hydrangea Ranch.  It is 1/4 mile jog/walk from the Hydrangea Ranch to the starting area.  Run about 2 miles, take a right on Clear Creek Rd.  Then run another 1.5 miles to the 1st aid station at 3.5 miles in.  At this point, take a left at the fork to head toward Stanley Peak.  This portion of the race is on active logging roads.

Make Ascent toward Stanley Peak.

Climb 1,700 feet in the next 2.5 miles.  An aid station will be at 6 miles in, about a mile from Stanley Peak.  This portion starts as a logging road and turns into a narrow atv trail.


Stanley Peak to Randall Hill on the Kilchis Ridge to the top of the Clear Creek Trail.

Continue past Stanley Peak (too dangerous to summit) onto the Kilchis Ridge between Stanley Peak and Randall Hill and then onto aid station #3 on the top of the Clear Creek Trail.  This is a remote 6 mile stretch–turning back is not an option.


Top of the World #1, Top of the World #2, & descend via an elk trail to finish 30k

At this point, you’re on the Tillamook Ridge, heading West along the ridge.  You’ll need to summit Top of the World #1 and Top of the World #2 from the main ridge.  Sings will be posted where to turn for these points of interest.  Top of World #1 is a left turn from the ridge 1/4 mile from aid station #3 and Top of the World #2 is a right turn from the ridge about 3/4 of a mile from aid station #3.  Back on the ridge the road become narrower and narrower until it turns into a single track elk trail that descends quckly down to a logging road that connects back down to the Kilchis River Forest Rd.  Turn left and finish for the 30k runners.  Turn right to continue onto the 2nd 20k loop for the 50k participants.

For those running 30k, take a left & finish. For 50k runners, turn right to the start of Clear Creek Trail for the 20k loop.

After descending down to the main Kilchis River Forest Rd., an aid station will be waiting for you there.  Turn left if finishing with the 30k.  If you’re running the full 50k, turn right to start the smaller 20k loop that runs up Clear Creek Trail.

Climb the Clear Creek Trail to the Start of the Tillamook Ridgeline.

Climb the Clear Creek Trail about 2.5 miles and 1,600 feet of climb to the top of the trail.  The 6th and final aid station awaits you there.  There are 6 miles remaining.  If for some reason you’re unable to continue the race, there is a vehicle that can give you a ride down when the aid station closes.

Run from the top of the Clear Creek Trail along the Tillamook Ridge & descend down to the finish.

Run down the Tillamook Ridge onto the Elk Trail and back down to the farm.  You do not summit Top of the World #1 and Top of the World #2 this time around (only on the 1st 30k loop).  When you’re back down to the Kilchis River Forest Rd., turn left to the finish.

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