Frequently Asked Questions:

Can walkers participate?
“Fit” walkers can participate in the 30k only. The last aid station is at 12 miles. The cutoff time for any 30k walkers (& runners) is 5 hours at this point. That puts you at the finish line at 7-1/2 hours max. This is not a pedestrian race and we expect all “fit” walkers to be “fit”.
Is there pre or post race camping on the Hydrangea Ranch?
Yes, the Hydrangea Ranch is a beautiful place to camp. There is free family camping (at least one individual needs to be in the race) on Saturday and Sunday night. This includes hot showers, port-a-potties, and a beautiful setting. We have a wedding on the Hydrangea Ranch on Saturday, so all camping on Saturday night will need to be in the central part of the farm, and on Sunday you can set up on the Hydrangea Ranch. A sign will be on the farm indicating where the race camping is allowed–please do not “crash the wedding.”
I heard that if I volunteer I can get a friend/family member into the race for free? Or if I volunteer to help setup or clean up I can race for free?
Yes, we need 10 additional volunteers for the race. The first 10 people to volunteer to help can either earn a free race entrance for a friend or family member or if you volunteer to help setup or help cleanup the trail, then you can race for free. Sign up as a volunteer at this link:  volunteer sign up form, or e-mail me at and then we will e-mail you with a coupon code to register for free.

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