Dear Ultramook Participants,

Thank you for your participation in the 2nd annual Ultramook.  Results have been uploaded to  Congratulations to Asher Catterall and Mark Austin for both smashing the course record, finishing in 3:47.55 and 3:54.13 respectively.  Additionally, Tony Rinck and Remi Boille set the course record in the 30k finishing in a swift 2:26.47 and 2:29.03.  Kendra Seymour won the 30k, just missing the record by 30 seconts.  Jami Min won the 50k in a strong time of 6:10.40.   There were many, many more great performances, congratulations!

Here are the 30k results.

Here are the 50k results.

Here are some of the photos.  Many more will be uploaded soon.  This is a small portion.

In an effort to make this race better, please fill out the survey below.  We did have a few hiccups that we will improve upon.  We paid for 80 meals, we only had 65 participants show up to run, but 10 runners were left on the course without food.  I wasn’t anticipating so many non runners partaking in the free food, we can correct that for next year.  Additionally, we ran out beer.  My apologies, we hope to get better every year.  Please fill out the form below:

Ultramook 50k & 30k Survey

Please take a few moments to give us some feedback on the Ultramook.

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