Dear Ultramook Racers,

Here is a map of the Hydrangea Ranch.  Please use this map for parking, check-in, and camping.  There is a wedding on the farm this weekend.  Please view the map as to not interfere.

Here is a google map with directions on how to get to the Hydrangea Ranch.

Please review race logistics here.

The first loop (30k) has detours to Top of the World #1 and Top of the World #2.  It is not clear on most maps of these detours.  Here is a map of these detours.  Top of the World #1 is on a spur road on the left and Top of the World #2 is on a spur road to the right.  We will have signs and Tillamook Cross Country athletes directing you from the main road to these viewpoints.  Run up around the cone.  Top of the World #1 adds .4 miles and Top of the World #2 adds 1.1 miles (out and back distance) making an exact 30k on the first loop.  The 2nd 20k loop for 50k runners will  not contain these detours–only the first loop.

We have flagged the entire course with yellow flags on the left side of the road/trail.  At any intersection within the course we have put multiple flags to lead you in the right direction.  On a main road flags are less frequent as it is obvious where you’re going, on tight trails flagging is more frequent.

Aid stations will have signs and approximate mileage.  We have prepared lot of snacks including peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, orange, bananas, gummy bears, Oreos, boiled baby potatoes, potatoes chips, mini chocolate bars, water, and Gatorade.  Twins Ranch catering is at the finish line serving pulled pork sandwhiches, cole slaw, and Tillamook Ice Cream, plus left overs from the aid stations and a Pelican Pub keg of beer waiting for you.

We will be checking in by 6:30 am.  The check-in area is on the Hydrangea Ranch.  The start of the race is directly across the river from this area.  Please park on the Hydrangea Ranch and walk/warmup to the start (about .75 miles walk/jog from the check-in area).  There will be a prerace meeting at the start line at 7:55am.  This will cover important race details.

Please let me know what questions you might have.  My e-mail is and my cell phone is 503.812.9190.

Looking forward to a great race, this has been a dream of mine for many years and I’m glad it has finally come to fruition.  We are working hard that it is a great experience for you.

Patrick Zweifel
Ultramook 50k

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